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Affiliate Marketing is the process in which you get commission of sale while promoting other people’s product. It is the easiest way to earn a lot of Money online if you really go serious about it. 

affiliate marketing

After the release of “4 Hour Workweek” Book, most of the people are so obsessed with Passive Income generation.

You have ever dream of making money while SLEEPING, YOU LAZY GEEK! Wishing to wake up one day, open laptop and see like this:


In Simple words, making MONEY while you sleeping is called as “PASSIVE INCOME“.

what-is-affiliate-marketing-geek-guruji99% person who starts Affiliate Marketing has only one aim i.e. Passive Income.

The idea behind it is to promote other’s people products and help them sell in exchange of commission.

Many Website like Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay, Flipkart and other online e-commerce website have affiliate marketing programs.

From which you can make a lot amount of MONEY if you learn THE ART OF MAKING MONEY.

If you still don’t understand what is Affiliate Marketing? Here is proper definition:


Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning commission [MONEY] by promoting or selling other people’s products in different ways. These different ways may include promotion on Website, Blog, online Social network or via Email Marketing etc.

Now after you fully understand what is affiliate marketing?

I am DAMN SURE! You actually wanted to start making money with Affiliate Marketing.

The SAD TRUTH is this starting an affiliate marketing program is very easy but converting your promoted products into REAL MONEY is other thing.

But the GOOD NEWS is it’s not too hard if you understand THE ART OF MAKING MONEY.

Many people started Affiliate Marketing without researching any sort of data which leads to their failure in making money online.

My Quick Tip for Affiliate marketing is to promote a product which is selling like hot cake but do not have any sort of Review or Content on the Internet associated to that product.

You will be AMAZED to see your reviewing content and articles of that product into FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE or any other search engine.

Ranking on the 1st page of GOOGLE or any search engine leads to more traffic to your site or blog which results into More SALE and MONEY. 

So, without wasting any amount of your time let me tell you the BEST and the EASIEST way to start affiliate marketing and start EARNING TON of MONEY while you SLEEPING:

Easy Steps to Start Earning From Affiliate Marketing

Step1: Join An Affiliate Program

Joining an Affiliate Program is very easy thing to do and it only takes a couple of minutes to do.

Almost all E-commerce websites like Amazon, Ebay, Filpkart, Clickbank etc. have affiliate program for their products.

Usually you find “Become an Affiliate” link in the bottom of the page of website near footer.


After finding this link you have to just sign up with filling some details and BOOM you become an AFFILIATE MARKETER 😉 Congrats!

 Step2: Finding a Suitable Product to Promote

Now this is a tricky thing in the Affiliate Marketing. Selecting a product is the most important step which cans MAKE IT or BREAK IT your whole money.

You have to choose a product which is selling like hot cakes and do not have much reviews and articles posted on the Internet.

My Quick Tip for you is to choose a product whose is HIGH in DEMAND and LOW in COMPETITION:


I have used a lot of Tools for selecting a good product for affiliate marketing and after failing many times initially finally I founded one of the best tool for finding a GREAT PRODUCT for your Affiliate marketing program i.e. JUNGLE-SCOUT .

I am using  JUNGLE SCOUT from couple of years and i personally recommend IF YOU ARE  DAMN SERIOUS ABOUT AFFILIATE MARKETING!

 Step3: Doing the Demand Test on Product

You must ask yourself after selecting a suitable product for affiliate marketing that “how much you can sell this product in a single month“? 

For this purpose I will start by searching with relevant product name on Amazon search bar. For this I used “water bottle for bikes.”



After I see the result that Amazon shows me, I will click the Jungle scout extension for demand test:


If Top 10 result add up to above 3000 sales per month than that product have a lot of demand which you can use to make money.


Step4: Doing the Competion Test on Product

Now after selecting product and doing demand test, you must do competition test for that product in any way.

For this example I had used “lamination pouch” search in Amazon and than open Jungle scout extension for competition test:


As you can see in above image, Top 10 results, the 4th result from TYH supplies has 16 reviews and 9th result from Oregon Laminate has 4 reviews which is GREAT SIGN of low competition.

If you launch in this niche, you can make TON of money by promoting product in this niche.


Step5: Make Niche Website or Blog for Low Competitive and High demand Products

If you are serious about Affiliate Marketing than I highly recommend you to start a blog or website.

You can make review blog or Niche product related website. But remember choose a niche that nobody is talking about it on internet, forum, and blog or anywhere on the Internet.

For Review type of blog see: Discover Dyson blog


And you can Even Earn Millions by building COOL PRODUCTS website with collection of many COOL PRODUCTS affiliate marketing links into it like : This is Why I m Broke website is the most popular affiliate network website on Earth.


Once you make your blog and website, the last step to promote the affiliate marketing link left.

Step6: Promoting Your Product Links

Now after selecting your Niche Product you have to just login into your Affiliate marketing program account: Amazon, and get the link of the product you want to promote on your website, blog, Facebook page or anywhere on the Internet.

For this example I am taking Xbox product on Amazon for promotion:



More About Affiliate Marketing:

After finding your product link you have to promote it by writing blog, reviews, and articles like Hell. Share it on Facebook, twitter and all over the internet.

Promoting your product on right audience is also key point in affiliate marketing, for this “Xbox” example I prefer to promote it on Game loving audience for best results.

You always focus to build right audience for your Facebook page, email marketing list or follower on twitter for your target niche product. Promote your affiliate marketing product against them regularly.

When people click your affiliate marketing link, get land to Amazon or any of your affiliate partner website and buy products you make a commission. 

I remember my first commission which I got from promoting “Wireless Headphones”. First commission works like a fuel and after that day I make a TON of money via affiliate marketing.

Important Note: After clicking your link even if users don’t buy promoted product and buy some other product on the website. You still make commission. This is the COOLEST thing of affiliate marketing I loved the most.

There are many other different ways of promoting affiliate marketing link which i invented by my experience you can get for Free by sending me your lovely mails on contact us page.

Thanks for reading this AWESOME article on Affiliate Marketing, if you learn some new things do share it on Facebook…. It will make not my Day but a Year 😉

Love You All! Peace…. 🙂

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Created By Rajinder Verma


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