Beginners Guide to SEO: Best 36 Proven Approach to Learn SEO [ 2017 ]

beginners guide to seo

Beginners Guide to SEO: If you have just started a new Five page tiny website and wishing your website to rank #1 into Google search results then you happy to know “Its Possible!”

Doing proper SEO for your website is not a new thing on the Internet.

Instead of this many time people struggle a lot with their website traffic and rankings in the search engine results, due to which they lost their interest in what they are doing and move to some other website to repeat the same mistake.

beginners guide to seo


Building your website is easier thing but optimizing your website for crucial SEO on it is Trickier thing.

Many SEO expert recommend many complicated seo tutorial for website and blogs.

But due to its complications many user fails to rank well in the search engine like Google.


Then What really Works???

Answer for your this question is to implement all actionable steps for Best SEO strategy that is listed in this Beginners Guide to SEO and it surely will boost your site traffic up-to 80% up and rank you to #1 page on the Google search engine. 


Beginners Guide to SEO: Best Practical Approach to learn SEO 2017


Basics of SEO

Top SEO Tools

Eye Catchy Titles for Articles

Quality Content Writing

On-Page SEO Techniques

Off-Page SEO Techniques


At last, these are few Beginners Guide to SEO if you want to check out advance SEO : Advance SEO techniques by clicking here.


Basics of SEO

If you have just developed your new website and wanted it to rank well in search engine like Google, then you must know the dead simple basics of SEO.

Optimizing your website is little tricky if you are a newbie in this field. 

But , once after reading this Special guide on WordPress website and SEO you start ranking and banking with your new WordPress website very quickly.


What is SEO?

In simple words, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Meaning optimizing your website in such a way that it gets organic traffic by ranking higher in the search engines like Google, Bing etc.

Search Engine optimization is not about FOOLING search engines to rank you up. But instead of this SEO means optimizing or formatting your site in such a way that it help your website to rank easier in the search engine.

If people search for a certain topic in the search engine related to your website content. Search Engine Optimization helps it to rank higher in searches on Web, resulting more clicks and traffic to your website.

This is the first step towards the beginners guide to SEO.


On Page SEO

On page SEO is the technique of optimizing your own website pages/posts in order to get high ranking in the search engine like Google.

Both content and HTML code of a website page is optimize in such a order which make easier to rank your website high in search engine.

Using Keywords in sufficient amount and frequency, SEO friendly URL, Proper Using H1 H2 H3 tags are few example of On Page SEO which we will discuss in detail. 



Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is the technique of optimizing your website to rank high in the search engine from external sources on Web like backlinks from other websites, Social Share signal etc.

All those techniques that boost your website traffic and rankings from some external source in the search engine is refer to be Off Page SEO.

Building links of your Site on other website pages, Social Sharing of your website content are few example of Off page SEO which we discuss in detail later.


Backlinks: Do-Follow Vs No-Follow

Backlinks refer to the hyper text links of a website build on another website. If a user find some other’s website link worth sharing on his article, then he simply build a link of other website on his article. That link of a website build on external website is termed as backlink.

Backlinks is very important metric for ranking of a webpage in search engine like Google. The more number of a quality backlink a website get, the higher will be its ranking in the search engine.

Backlinks is most important aspect of SEO and many SEO expert has advised to make quality backlinks from High authority websites.

But, still many people doing it in wrong way because they don’t know difference of do-follow and No-follow backlinks. But this beginners guide to seo will help you to understand it properly.


No-Follow Backlinks:

No-Follow Backlinks are those backlinks which is build on a website with “No-Follow Tag”( rel=”nofollow” ) in it. No-follow Backlinks do not have any SEO benefits or ranking benefits in the search engine.

If you want to give a website a link on your post or article but you properly not much familiar with that website, in that case you must give No-follow backlink to that website. 

No-follow backlinks do not provide any SEO benefits. So if you make a lot of backlinks on other sites with No-follow tag, then it do not provide any help in ranking you high in the search engine.

Example of No-Follow Backlink:

“<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>A Tech Geek Blog</a>”


Do-Follow Backlinks:

First of all, do-Follow backlinks are those backlinks which are build  without any No-Follow tag. Do-Follow backlinks are most useful backlinks in term of SEO and it will help your website to rank higher in the search engine.

If you liked someone work or article and want to share or feature it on your website you must give that website a do-follow backlinks. Whenever you add useful link on your website it show positive signal towards your website visitor and their trust towards your website also increases.

You must build do-follow backlinks on relevant high authority websites  in order to get rank high in search engine.

Example of Do-Follow Backlink:

“<a href=””>A Tech Geek Blog</a>”


Importance of Social media in SEO:

Social Networking Websites like Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Reddit etc have a very important aspect in SEO. Long time ago when social networking websites are newbie many people share great content across all over the web, Google saw this and developed algorithm across this for SEO.

Google consider each social share as a backlink to that websites. So, that means if a websites gets TON of social share… Its sends a strong signal to Google to rank it higher than its competitor websites.

This is only reason why big companies are so obsessed with building social profile of their brand and promote their products on them. 

You must use social networking websites and make a good number of follower on them to get rank high in search engine. I have mentioned a detailed topics on Social Network for SEO here.


Top SEO Tools:

If you are planning to run SEO campaign  for your website then you happy to know there are many Free/Paid tools that can help you to do days of work into minutes.

With the advancement of technology many tools are already available which can be used during your SEO of your website.

I have worked on over 191 SEO tools and in this Beginners Guide to SEO I am bringing you top SEO tools that can be very helpful to you for ranking your website on Top spot.


Google Keyword Planner Tool:

Google keyword Planner Tool is designed by Google to find relevant keywords with its monthly search and competition analysis. The best thing about this tool is that its 100% Free tool which you can access with just a Gmail account.


In this picture i have used Google keyword planner tool to analysis “tesla car” keyword. You can easily see “tesla car” keyword has Average Monthly Searches of 100K to 1 Million with low competition on this keyword.

Website Link:


Google Trends:

Google trends is designed to find latest and trending topics on Internet. In addition to this, Google trends is best place to find viral News, Topics and information about any Niche market. This is also 100% Free tool to use for searching trending topics online.


Website Link:



Buzzsumo is the best tool to find most shared and viral content on Social Networks like Facebook, twitter, Google plus etc. You can easily find any viral contents about any Niche on social network in Few seconds on Buzzsumo. 


Buzzsumo also provide options to find people who shared those content, backlink checker, latest trending topics, Content analysis and Facebook Analyzer.

Website Link:



Semrush is best SEO tool to check and analysis competitor website keywords, its backlinks, Paid keywords, keywords rankings and all other information that online Marketer required.

semrush geek guruji

In Semrush Tool you can easily get all those Paid keywords of your competitor website. Paid keywords is like Gems for you because “No one Pays for Anything until he is getting profit from it!”

Target these paid keywords first to get any descent traffic and sales from your website.

Website Link:



Ahref is best and #1 SEO tool that has all the feature which is required for researching competitor analysis,  Keywords research , backlink research, content research, rank tracking and web monitoring etc.


I am using this tool from past 2 years and find it very useful if you are serious about your website and all online digital marketing.

Website Link:


Copyscape – Duplicate content Checker:

Copyscape is designed to find duplicate content across the Web. I have used over 17 plagiarism checker but no one  came near to Copyscape. 

If you hire a content writer for your website , you must check his work on Copyscape before publishing it on the Internet.


Website Link:

These are few SEO tools in this Beginners Guide to SEO which you can use it for proper optimizing your website.


Eye Catchy Titles for Articles:

Title or Headlines are most important aspect for any article because it either make it or break it for you. You visitor always going to judge your article by how interesting and eye catchy is your Title of an article is.

Never totally depend only upon quality content because it is your Headline which help a quality content worth reading. In this beginners guide to SEO my main motive is to show you how easily you can learn fundamental concept of SEO.

If some one ask me, why any person reads my article in this world of full of quality article?

My Answer will be “Because i have an EYE CATCHY TITLE for my content…. as simple as that!”

So here i am listing some top ways to make your Title attractive and eye catchy:


Number in Title:

Using number in title is most useful tip to make any headline Eye Catchy. Many SEO expert has advice to add number inside content title which helps it to ranks well in the search engine.

This is only reason why most of the search result in Google search engine has at least one number in it:




Trigger Words in Title:

With the research of 100,000+ articles SEO experts has developed a list of many Trigger Words that seduce visitor to get click quickly.  

These trigger words effects Subconscious Mind of person and makes to get click quickly. Here is the list of top trigger words that you can add to make your title Eye Catchy:

  • “Free”
  • “New”
  • “Best”
  • “Easy”
  • “Secret”
  • “Proven”
  • “Fast”
  • “Top 10 Ways”
  • “Free Shipping”
  • “Cash On Delivery”
  • “147 Best ways”
  • “Instant”
  • “You”
  • “Why”
  • “Tricks”
  • “100% Money back Guarantee”
  • “Amazing Offer”
  • “Premium”
  • “Money”

After seeing these trigger words you got an idea to use some of these words into your title to make it Eye Catchy. These are few trigger words listed in this beginners guide to SEO which you must include to make catchy headlines.


Square Bracket in Title:

Yes , Square Brackets ” [       ]  “ In recent research by many SEO expert they came to a surprising results that Headlines with square brackets gets many clicks as compare to almost same title without square bracket in it.

So, i personally recommend you to add square bracket in it.

Example of Titles with Square bracket:

  • Top 10 Easy ways for Quick Fat Loss [ Check it out ].
  • 214 Tips to Increase Height in 2017 [ Updated ].

So, try to use Square Brackets with your Title to make it more Eye Catchy.


Year in Title:

You can also use “Year” of publishing content to make it more Eye Catchy. Many blogger across the world use Year of publishing content to give user a hint of recent post and makes it clickable.

Example of Using Year in Title:

  • List of 100 most Richest Person in 2017.
  • 300+ Tips to make backlinks [ Check it out ] – 2017.


Keywords in Title:

Using Keywords not only benefits On-Page SEO but it also makes your title Eye catchy. By adding relevant Keywords with your article you attract your user by that keyword he is searching for across the search engine.

Example of Keyword “SEO Tips” in Title:

  • 15 SEO tips you must know in 2017.
  • 154 Best and Easy SEO tips for your blog [ Check It Out ].


Geek Formula For Title:

After spending 8+ year in content writing i have simplifies your problem of Eye Catchy title by making a simple Geek Formula if you use it, You always gonna make other user to click your article :

Geek Formula:

Number + Trigger Words + Keywords + Year + Square Bracket

Examples of Geek Formula:

  •  80+ Proven Ways of Fat Loss in 2017 [ Check it out].
  • 10 Easy Tips to learn English Fast [ 2017 ].

These are few important tips in this beginners guide to SEO for making your Title headlines of articles Eye catchy.


Quality Content Writing:

Quality Content Writing is a technique which required a lot of time to understand it properly. Many content writer always ask me how can we write a quality content??

My Answer for them is..

Write Content for User Not Search Engine!

Yeah its that simple! Try to write content that add values for your visitors before making it good for search engine.

If your user loves your content, then search engine automatically loves it too!

But still many people find it difficult to decide on which topic to write on…. Here are few steps in this beginners guide to SEO you can use to find some great reference content:


Finding Quality Contents:

Finding Quality contents is the fastest way to get ideas for a writing a quality content. Many famous bloggers must research about quality content in their Niche Market before heading towards writing a quality content.

For this step i personally use BuzzSumo tool which i had told you earlier in this article in Top SEO Tool Section.

Step 1: Go to BuzzSumo website and enter any topic e.g. “Health Tips” you want to write on.


Step 2: Find out Top Viral Content on social Network and get ideas from it.


Read all topics you find in this list because these quality content are very much viral on social network.


The Skyscraper Technique – By Brian Dean:

Firstly, you must know that this Skyscraper technique is technique which is developed by my favorite “God of Backlinks: Brian Dean” to get quality backlinks and targeted traffic for your website.

Now this Skyscraper technique involve three major steps which are:

  1. Find a shareable content: You have many ways to find shareable content, one example i already told you above by using BuzzSumo. You can also use Google Trends or other SEO tool to find a content worth sharing.
  2. Write Something Even Better: If you can write that content in detail description with good examples and a lot of good relevant images. You can easily make that content worth sharing.
  3. Reaching Right People to Share: Using  Buzzsumo tool you can even reach right people by their social profiles which shared that content. Just make a list of all those people find their email address from LinkedIn and mail them like that:

By Sending this type cold email you can easily convert at average of 11% Success rate. Meaning by sending 100 email to those people by using this template you can get 10 quality backlinks with High Authority Websites.

This technique in this beginners guide to SEO will surely increase your website traffic by 110% in just 14 days.



On-Page SEO Techniques:

On-Page SEO is a technique in which your Website page is optimized in such a way that makes it easier to rank into the Search engine like Google.

With the advancement of Search engine many Algorithm like Google Panda Algorithm arrived which affects the On-Page SEO techniques completely.

So here I am listing the most important On-Page SEO techniques in this beginners guide to seo which you can use today to rank your website well:


SEO Friendly URL:

Google algorithm has stated that the first 3 to 5 words of your URL are the most important ranking Factor.

You must use short URLs with including your target Keywords into it.

Try to Avoid these kind of URLs:


Example of SEO Friendly URL:


This is best URL if your target keyword to rank in search engine is “Top SEO Strategy”.


Start Page Title With Keyword:

Starting Page title with keyword is also best practice for On-Page SEO.

The closer a keyword in the beginning of a title, the better it become for on Page SEO point of view.

Example of Title With Keyword at Beginning:

  • On-Page SEO Tools: The Complete List [ Free and Paid Tools ] 2017 –

If you are targeting “On-Page SEO Tools” Keyword then this is best example for your Page title.


Proper Keyword Stuffing & Frequency:

You have to use your target keywords properly. Try to add your main target keyword into the first 100 words of your content.

I recommend you have to use keywords density of your target keyword between 1% to 1.5% , not less not more.

Your keywords looks naturally inside your content, don’t try to over use it.

Try to use keyword with this way around your article:

    • #1 Keyword in bold letter in first 100 words.
    • #2 Keyword in Italic manner in between middle.

  • #3 Keyword in  Underline manner in between middle.
  • “#4 Keyword in inverted Comas manner in last paragraph or in Conclusion”.


Using H1 H2 H3 Tags Properly:

You must use H1 , H2, H3 tags in best way for On-Page SEO.

  • In H1 tag try to start title with your main keyword as I mentioned earlier.
  • In H2 tag add your sub heading with combination of main target keyword.
  • Use around 1 H1 tag and 1-3 H2 tag in your web page for best On-Page SEO.
  • H3 Tags should include related keywords of your main target keyword.


By Fast & Responsive design:

Remember one thing Google don’t reward any website with Fast and responsive design but they punish all those websites which have very slow opening speed and unresponsive web design.

So, You must have to use those web design or WordPress theme which have Fast and responsive web design.

Also, the bounce rate of slow working websites are high as compare to fast one.


Using Outbound Links:

This is one of the cool white hate On-Page SEO technique to increase website traffic.

Google uses outbound link to figure it out your page topic. Also, it helps Google to figure it out that your article is a Hub of high quality content.

Linking high authority websites to your web page also make a trust of your visitors towards your website, which makes them to visit your website again and again.


Proper Internal Linking:

You must link your web pages properly to makes it easier for user to navigate your website properly.

If you believe that your previous article is worth linking to your current web page which add values to this article then you must link it.

For good practice try to use 3-4 links inside your article of your previous articles.


Using LSI Keywords:

LSI Keywords stands for “Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords” which is very important aspect in On-page SEO. These LSI keywords are synonyms of your main target keywords which helps Google to know how much informative and quality your article is.

In simple words, LSI keywords are those related keywords which gets to appear into bottom of google when you search any keyword or  Topic.


So, try t make a list of all LSI keywords according to this step in beginners guide to SEO and add it to your article properly to get high rankings in the Search engine.


Image Optimization:

Image Optimizing is very under rated thing in On-page SEO, but you must optimize all  the Images inside your article to get a decent amount of traffic.

Try to make images of low size between 50Kb-100Kb using MS-paint or  you can use Free Image Compressor Software like which is best image compressing tool i know.

You also add good relevant Title and detail description of that image with Alt-Text focusing your main target Keyword.


Adding Social Sharing Buttons:

Social Sharing signal Button can increase your content sharing rate to 700% according to recent Google study. 

Social Sharing may not effect your website ranking directly, But it helps to improve your website rankings in indirect Manner.

Also social share counts make your article eye catchy and relevant in terms a new visitor to your website.

So, Always try to add social shares button to your website to get traffic from social network website as it mentioned in this beginners guide to SEO.


Off-Page SEO Techniques:

After fixing all On-Page SEO things into your website the last step of SEO strategy is Off-Page SEO.

According to Google recent Panda algorithm Off-Page SEO weight more as compare to ON-Page SEO in terms of ranking inside Search engine.

This makes Off-Page SEO way ahead than On-Page SEO, meaning a web Pages with Poor On-Page SEO can Rank #1 if its Off-Page SEO is properly Optimized!

So , Here are the list of all Off-Page SEO Techniques in this beginners guide to SEO:


Submitting Website on Search Engines:

The First step of Off-Page SEO is to submit your website into the web Master tools like Search console of Google , Bing and in all other search engines.

Google Search Console:

Bing Webmaster Tools:

Just Log into your account and submit your website URL to Index into Google Search Console.

After That you have to verify it by adding given Meta Tag to Header Code of your website.

At last just submit your website sitemap into the search console to index all page and post of your website into search engine as it Mention in this beginners guide to SEO.


Moving Man Method:

Moving Man Method is recent Off Page SEO technique in which SEO experts looks for link building opportunity by finding all those companies:

  • Changing their Brand Name.
  • Moving to New URL.
  • Stopped Offering a service or product.
  • Completely Shut Down.

And Offering them their own website link in place of those broken links.

Confuse, Want an Example?

Sometime ago SEOMoz company changes his name to Moz and changed his main business official website from to


After this News, many websites which links old URL gets broken links.

So, this is perfect opportunity for you to make a TON of backlinks by searching all those broken links website by SEO tools like SEMrush.

And after finding all those website simply mail them to offer your related website Links to them.


Guest Blog Posting:

Now a days Guest blog posting method is very popular because it makes WIN-WIN situation for both website owner and guest blogger.

Website owner gets a Free quality content for his website and guest blogger get quality backlink for his own website.

You can find many blogs in your Niche which you can target for Guest Blogging on it.


Round-Up Post for Your Website:

Round-Up post is a post in which you take interview of famous or influencer personality in your Niche.

By taking round up post of famous experts on your website you create a great opportunity for your post to get viral and share all over the web.

You can easily mail a link to your influencer , humbly ask them to share this content on their website and social profile.

You will be shock to see the result of traffic and backlinks you get by taking round up post as it mention in this beginners guide to SEO.


HARO Technique to Get Quality Backlinks:

HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out. You can easily get quality backlinks from High Authority News Website.

You have to simply find reporters of authority sites from Linkedin or any source. Ask them for any help related to their recent work, if you manage to help them by sharing your web content.

They surely mention your web link on their new article on high authority news website.


List of Free Do-follow Backlink Sources:

There are also some Free sources of Do-follow backlinks which i had written in article “Top 80+ Link Building Sites List [ 2017 ] | Build Quality Backlinks”

Apart from this, there also some other Free sources of Do-Follow backlink to your websites :

  • High Quality do-follow Backlinks From .edu by sharing your content on their website.
  • By Commenting on Do-follow Niche Related Blogs.
  • Building Backlinks From Forums.
  • Do-follow backlinks from site Submission Directories.
  • Backlinks From Feedback Sites.
  • Do-follow Backlinks from Blog aggregators.
  • Do-follow Backlinks From High PR Web 2.0 Website.
  • From Picture/Video Hosting Website.
  • Backlinks by giving Interview on Other Blogs.



After reading this “Beginners guide to SEO”, you got some Ideas how big SEO expert do SEO campaign for other websites. If they can do it, so you can. You must take action seriously if you really want to be successful in this Internet Era!


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