Killer Way to Earn Money by Sharing Links on Facebook [Check it out]

Earn money by Sharing Links on Facebook

Hello Guys, today i am going to share my COOL hack to Earn money by Sharing Links on Facebook. 


Just remember one one, this is not GET RICH QUICK SCHEME! 


But if you do it right , you surely ends up making good money without any website.

Earn money by Sharing Links on Facebook



You have to help other people who interested in finding some cool stuff of their interest online via Facebook. 


So, i have divided these easy steps into 5 parts to Earn money by Sharing Links on Facebook….


5 Steps to Earn money by Sharing Links on Facebook





So, the first thing first… You have to select a target market of your interest e.g.SPORTS, MUSIC, GAMING, GEEK STUFF any damn thing which you are passionate about.


Choose it wisely, because it is only your niche market which can make it or break it for you.


Right down a list of Top 10 things you really liked and willing to share it to the world. Now research on these things and find a #1 thing you really loved.


Note: Choosing a Target market of your Passion makes 50% easy to earn money by Sharing Links on Facebook.





Create some bunch of facebook pages with COOL VIRAL NAMES related to your target marking. e.g. If i choose MUSIC for my target market than i will name like “NO MORE DHINCHAK POOJA…  NOW START ROCKING WITH D’SOUZA“.


Name should be funny and appealing you target market. Now, don’t just copy this name… instead of do some brain storming with your talented mind and write down some cool name.



After writing 10 cool names, send this list to your friends and survey which is the best name for your facebook page.


Now, after selecting a name just go to add some description and  EYE CATCHING IMAGES from Royalty Free Images website.


If you can’t find it…i have make a list of website …. Click here to check it out.





Now some people really struggle a bit to get fans to their page by liking it. They just make a page, add some stuff and sharing to some of his random friends and pages to like it.



Instead of this, you have to just use your creative mind and steal fans of other Viral Facebook pages(Related To your Target Market) to like your own facebook page.


So, you have to just search on facebook about your Niche related terms e.g. “MUSICIAN”.


After searching just look for those target Niche pages which have lots of likes + regular interaction going on within page + pages that opens for all users to post.


music lover geek guruji


So, after this like those all pages and interact with all people within the page , ask question, post funny comments. Start posting some cool funny images stuff on the page for 2 days only.


After 2 days, Head over to page URL copy it… and Post it to all those pages with some COOL , FUNNY or HILARIOUS description about your page.


You will shocked to get so many results if you do how exactly i told you…If people like it… then their friend see and they also like it and so on….



Getting Fans from Facebook Groups is a tricky thing but i know you are much trickier then this. You can use your personal profile to get added in Top viral and famous groups which have Thousand of group members …


Just search for those groups which is your niche related+ VIRAL AS HELL + Thousands of added group members and add yourself to those groups.


After finding those groups just send request to them to add you to those viral groups.


This step take time, so i recommend just send request and come back  after 2 days to see which groups added you.



On those groups which add you just repeat that step which i had told you earlier for Facebook page, you have to interact within the group and after some days you have to post your Facebook page’s URL with Good description to those groups.



Bonus point is this if you have a website which is Niche related, you can drive traffic to your facebook page to like it.


And BOOOOOM!!! You got your first 1000+ Fans on your page…… Congrats you Lazy Geek!





Now, after you got some serious followers to your Facebook Page…. Just post some serious good content on your page.

Just add SPARK to your facebook page.


Post some good articles, ask funny questions, share blogs,post funny images or Videos anything which makes your post worth to like or comment it.


Because the more interaction your Facebook page gets , the more it will POP UP to their timeline…allowing their friends to find out about your Facebook page and like it… It great way to consistently getting new fans added to your Facebook page.

By doing this step properly you head over to next step to Earn money by Sharing Links on Facebook.





Finally!!!!!!!!!! you got some serious follower to your Facebook page…. and now is the right time to monetize your Facebook page.


You got many options to monetize once you got some serious followers to your Facebook page.


To be honest, i recommend you should go for some good affiliate program to monetize your Facebook page.


If you don’t know what the affiliate marketing is?? head over to my post on to start Affiliate Marketing….[ Click Here ]


For this time affiliate marketing is simply promoting some one other’s products to get some commission once it is sold!


For example if your page is about “MUSICIAN” you can promote many things like music learning books, rock star posters , Guitars , music players and speakers etc.




If you find some Awesome products for your Fans and share it to your page… they will click and buy it if they trusted you completely.


So promote only good products that is worth sharing and not post so many ads such that every next post of your page is just promotions.


Trick is post 1 affiliate product with 3 covering up COOL, FUNNY, INTERACTIVE post each day. That’s it…no more no less.


It you do it these steps correctly your page don’t looks like SPAM page… and people don’t feel that you are only here to make money. 


Once you do these steps properly and consistently… You will easily Earn money by Sharing Links on facebook.


One of the COOLEST things i really LOVED about Affiliate marketing is you still make money when people don’t buy your promoted products.


For example, if people who loves music click your posted link to check your shared product on Amazon or any Affiliate partner. If he/she check it out all detail of the product and really don’t buy it, went to some other product and buy it.



In affiliate marketing partner save a time period cookie added to your customer(Page FAN follower) every time when he/she click your link. If he/she bought any product within that time period of cookie you still MAKE MONEY GEEK!


WOLLAAAHH!!! You just starting BANKING like a superstar 😉 Right!!


Bonus Tip: After making a first viral fan page you got many option to increase your newly made website’s traffic by promoting it on your page or viral any stuff you do online.


This is only the reason why big companies are so obsessed with growing their Facebook page Fans because they got so many opportunity to “Earn money by Sharing Links on facebook”.


At last i simply say “Money is in every thing… It only takes some serious effort to draw it “.





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