Lola Pop will be the Next ARMS Upcoming Character [ Check it Out ]


At Gamescom 2017, Nintendo has just announced its Newest ARMS character ‘Lola Pop‘ along side with Three new ARMS weapons and a new stage. Lola Pop is a female Clown-based ARMS character which can inflate her suit just like a balloon to shield herself from attacks and also it helps to come to ground quickly while jumping.


Lola Pop is featured with three New ARMS. First one is Nunchaku-Type ARM which she is using to attack  the rival player. Second one is three Paint Stamp ARM which is used to stamp the enemy with paint. And the last one is Shield-Type ARM which we have mentioned some days ago. This Shield-type ARM help to block the attack of the rival players.


Here is the Official Tweet of this News:


Lola is planned to launch in the ARMS game series in their latest version three update. We are really excited to see this Cool character in this game.


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lola pop


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