20 Best Kodi Addons for Live TV Streaming (Watch Live TV on Kodi) 2018

best Kodi Addons for Live TV streaming

20 Best Kodi Addons for Live TV Streaming (Watch Live TV on Kodi) 2018: Hello Geeks! Are you looking for some best Kodi live TV Add-ons? Do you need Kodi Live TV Setup for watching live TV on kodi. Or you just want to know how to watch live TV on Kodi firestick, Windows PC, Mac, Android or iOS? If your answer is yes then you have come to right place to look top 20 kodi live TV addons.


About Best Kodi Addons for Live TV

Watching live TV on kodi

As you, all know that Kodi has become an important part in our life. However, when you are stuck in a place, there is no TV. You may be thinking what do now. Kodi add-ons are there then why to fear. With the help of Kodi, you can enjoy your favorite shows anywhere and anytime. Even Kodi has become popular in UK because it is cheaper than Sky TV and BT.

As you all know the use of Kodi is increasing now. Millions of people enjoy their favorite shows on the Kodi add-ons. However, you should be aware of the Kodi live TV addon so that you can get best facilities. Many Kodi users have asked me this question “How do i watch live TV on kodi?” Therefore, for answering them I am writing here top 20 Best Kodi Addons for Live TV.


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Top 20 Best Kodi Addons for Live TV Streaming (Watch Live TV on Kodi)

For your sake, I have prepared list of best Kodi live TV Addons for streaming live TV on Kodi. Therefore, that Kodi user does not find any problems in seeing enjoying their favorite shows. You may be wondering how to get live channels in the Kodi add-ons. Hey, you should not worry. It is quite simple. The add-ons listed here contains Kodi Channels list, it can manage the channels easily. Now, here are the best Kodi addons for Live TV are as follows:

1. Goodfellas 2.0

best Kodi Addons for Live TV

Goodfellas 2.0 is the third party Kodi-add-ons. Therefore, you can enjoy the live streaming without any restrictions. More, you can get the premium channels on Goodfellas 2.0. In fact, you have live streaming, cartoons, TV shows etc. Even you can get the GF add-ons on the twitter handle. The thing, which can excite you the most, is the watching the top channels like ESPN, BT Sports etc. It is the best Kodi Addons for Live TV streaming. Sport lovers can like Goodfellas 2.0 to enjoy their sport channels.

2. Bennu

Watching live TV on kodi

Bennu is improving version of Phoenix. However, as you are aware that due of failures Phoenix has gone offline. Soon you have Bennu. You can see that improvement has done on the organization and functionality. More, you get all the live streaming channels across the globe in Bennu. One more thing that inspires to use Bennu is its proper maintained. In fact, for these reasons Bennu is on the second place in my list of Kodi Live TV Addons for watching live TV on kodi.

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Streaming live TV on kodi

MOBDINA is a new player in Kodi add-ons for live streaming. In its initial stage, MOBDINA gets into the top 20 Kodi add-ons for live streaming. MOBDINA is the Kodi add-on from Play on Monkey repo. However, in this new Kodi add-on you can find all the top TV channels for live streaming. This channel includes the categories like Movies, Music, TV Shows, and Sports etc. Now, this channel is working well. Therefore, Mobdina is best answer for your queries i.e. how to watch live TV on Kodi firestick?


4. USTV Now Plus (Best Kodi Addons for Live TV)

best Kodi live TV Addons

USTV Now Plus is similar to UKTV Now. You can enjoy live streaming of TV shows. However, you can get easy access to US cable networks. In fact, to have free channel USTV Now Plus offers 7 basic network channels like ABC, CBS, CW and FOX etc. For the streaming of the cable you have pay $19.00 per month. Furthermore, these best Kodi Addons for Live TV streaming follows all rules. You need to worry, as it is trustworthy. Somehow, you want to use this website. You have to create an account over there. This provides you permission to enjoy live channels on USTV Now Plus.


5. Nemesis

How to watch live TV on kodi firestick

Nemesis offers large number of on demand live TV channels on Kodi. Therefore, you can use Nemesis for best Kodi live TV Addons streaming purpose. More, you can have audio books and police scanners on Nemesis. Therefore, This Kodi add-on is multitasking. In fact live camera feature is available on Nemesis. You can access it across the globe. Somehow, this is an amazing feature in this kodi add-on.


6. BBC i Player 

kodi live tv setup

BBC i Player is a popular Kodi Live TV add-on. It is also known as i Player WWW. However, what makes BBC i Player popular is the availability of internet channels with radio channels. Therefore BBC i Player has been listed in my list of best Kodi Addons for Live TV. In fact, it has featured with online tracking and you can see our favorite video for 30 days without recording. How do feel hearing this? Is it looks great? Without wasting time get BBC i Player. This Kodi add-on is available only for the UK users in paid and free version. Do not feel sad. The non-UK users can access it by purchasing the TV license or using VPN that provides UK IP address. I think you should choose the second one as you could become lawbreaker.


7. Bob Unleashed

best Kodi Addons for Live TV streaming

Bob unleashed is the improve version of Bob unrestricted add-on. In fact, you can say it is the updated version. Here you find new function of Live TV. While these features in this best Kodi live TV Addon comes with a limitation that it has restricted for some add-ons. More, Bob unleashed mainly focuses on Live TV rather than add-ons. Users can avoid using this Kodi add-on. Somehow, one main attraction of Bob Unleashed is that great collection in the library of Live TV.


8. PAC-12 Pro

best Kodi Addons for Live TV

I feel, some Kodi add-ons are giving tough competitions to the existing ones. PAC-12 Pro is one of them. Welcome again a Kodi add-on in the family of best Kodi add-ons for live TV. PAC-12 Pro is from Vinh Repository. In fact there are different sections are available like PAC 12, USA, Canada, UK, Adult many more. So far, this kodi add-on is working well, but long journey to go.


9. Halow Live TV

Watch live TV on kodi

Those want to have Halow Live TV. This kodi add-on is available in some major countries like UK, USA, Norway, France, India many more. Even, the streaming is quite impressive on these best Kodi Addons for Live TV. More, it has great collection of Country channels, live sports much more. Now, you want to download Halow Live TV. You can go for it. Here if I say about live TV then Halow Live TV is expensive. Even, in some countries you cannot see the channels outside the region. For this, you get in the VPN service to see those channels.

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10. Quantum (Sanctuary)

Stream live TV on kodi

Quantum is a host of kodi add-ons. As it has variety of content. However, this makes it the best Kodi Live TV Addons for streaming live TV on Kodi. However, Quantum provides a special section for live TV. This includes sports live, supremacy live, BAMF IPTV, Pyramid Live many more. These live streaming channels find crossovers in USA and UK. Somehow, you can get the popular Oblivion add-on here.


11. Amerikano Tuga (Top Kodi Addons for Live TV)

best Kodi Addons for Live TV streaming

AmeriKano Tuga has recognized for best Live IPTV add-on. Somehow, this unique feature makes it different from the top Kodi add-ons from live TV added in the list. However, it has a large number of live streaming channels around the world. Recently this kodi add-on has changed its server. Now it has hosted at Dimitrology repository.


12. UKTV Now

How to watch live tv on kodi android

UKTV Now has gained popularity for streaming available in 10 different countries with nine channels. In fact, you can get all the channels here. It includes food, sky sports, BBC 4, Bravo, CBS many more. However, these best Kodi Addons for Live TV streaming are also available on android platform. It is the great news for the android users. You can get it from Amazon and fire stick. So, start installing now.


13. Castaway

How do i watch live TV on kodi

Castaway is another best option to watch Live TV on Kodi. This Kodi Live TV Addon supports functioning links for live TV. However, there live TV section is available over here. From here, you have a close look to the live TV streaming websites. You should note that castaway is not getting support from its developer. Most of its streaming options are not working.


14. Mad Streams

best Kodi Addons for Live TV

Mad Streams has unique collection of Live TV. Even, this top kodi add-on for live TV gets you in the different world of IPTV streams. Great opportunities for kodi add-ons live streamers. More, this add-on has divided into different sections and sub sections. In it you get free servers, world streams, sports many more.


15. UK Turk Playlists

Watching live TV on kodi

UK Turk Playlists become popular for its content variations. Therefore, you have movies and TV shows and again a lot more streaming stuff in these best Kodi Addons for Live TV. Somehow, TV section has less variety. However, the developers are working on it. You can get the latest TV sections soon. In the meantime, enjoy what you get.


16. Sports Devil

Streaming live TV on kodi

As the name of this add-on suggests it is for the sports lovers. Therefore, you can enjoy live TV for sports. I did not want to annoy my sport lovers, so included Sports Devil in my favorite Kodi Live TV Addon for watching live TV on kodi. Here, you can have a look of the numerous sites listed. More, hundreds of options are available in a collection. Live TV feature is similar to Castaway add-on.


17. Film on Simple (Best Kodi Addons for Live TV)

best Kodi live TV Addons

Film on Simple add-on has variety of different TV channels from all over the world. Asia and African channels are available, but rare availability of the European channels. However, primarily it focuses on science and technology, travel, lifestyle, education many more. Simply, download Super Repo to get Film on Simple. However, the best option to download these best Kodi Addons for Live TV streaming is from Github link.


18. C Cloud

best Kodi Addons for Live TV

C Cloud based on cloud based IPTV service. Main purpose to build this kodi add-on for live TV is to provide free stable IPTV service. Torrent is the host of the file others can download it. Everyone is welcome here. It works on peer to peer network. Users like to upload the media from computer, tabs and smart phones. In fact, this add-on covers up all popular channels like NBC, sky, history channel and discovery.


19. Ultra IPTV

Watching live TV on kodi

Again, welcome a new Kodi add-on in the list of best Kodi Addons for Live TV streaming. As you, know Ultra IPTV is a new player. However, its efficiency and functionality get this kodi add-on in this list. You can have live stream feeds in Ultra IPTV. More, this Kodi add-on covers all the channels including sports, news many more.


20. Rising Tides

Streaming live TV on kodi

Rising tides is last but not the least, top kodi add-on for streaming live TV on Kodi. In my list, I have one more newbie add-on. While developing this add-on, the developer has kept in mind free live IPTV. Some highlights of this add-on are football matches highlights, IPTV heaven, movies much more. Presently there are 27859 channels available over here. Somehow, search feature is missing. As it is a new add-on, soon you can find the missing features added here.


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Final words – 20 Best Kodi Addons for Live TV Streaming (Watch Live TV on Kodi)

Hence, these are the top 20 kodi add-on for watching Live TV on Kodi. I wish that you should come up with your experiences of live streaming on Kodi. However, you can see some add-ons in my list. Try to trust on them. As these newbie’s can give tough competition to the long serving best Kodi Addons for Live TV. If you face any problem while installing these Live TV Kodi Addons then contact our team. Surely, the team helps you out from your problem. Now, that is all my side. Stay tuned with latest updates on GeekGuruji. However, do not forget to like your page on face book and twitter.

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